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Race and Ethnicity Briefs

The Campaign for Youth Justice has released a several volumes in a series of briefs focusing on how transfer affects youth in each race and ethnicity.  This highly successful series demonstrates the unique impact that transfer policies have on different segments of the population, from disproportionate rates of contact to the complicated intersection of different judicial systems to the inefficiencies in data collection.

America's Invisible Children: Latino Youth and the Failure of Justice

Author: Neelum Arya, Francisco Villarruel, Cassandra Villanueva, and Ian Augarten

americas invisible childrenCFYJ and NCLR have just released the latest volume in the Race and Ethnicity Series, focusing on Latino youth in the justice system. In addition to providing the latest facts about Latino youth in the U.S. justice system, the report highlights promising solutions and policy recommendations to reduce the disparities.


Critical Condition: African-American Youth in the Justice System

Author: Neelum Arya, Ian Augarten, and Hilary O. Shelton

critical conditionAn examination of how African-American youth are disproportionately affected by transfer laws. Key findings include that most African-American youth are transferred by statutory exclusion or prosecutorial waiver mechanisms, many are not convicted (suggesting that the cases brought against them are not very strong), and that most youth prosecuted in the adult system are not serious violent offenders.

Read the Report  |  Read the Fact Sheet  |  Read the Press Release

A Tangled Web of Justice: American Indian and Alaska Native Youth in Federal, State, and Tribal Justice Systems

Author: Neelum Arya and Addie C. Rolnick

tangled web of justiceAn examination of how Native American youth are disproportionately affected by transfer laws. Key findings include that many Native American youth commit low-level offenses and receive either no court intervention or disproportionately severe sanctions. Also examines the interaction of the tribal justice system with the state and federal justice systems and how that impacts youth transfer.