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STOP Solitary Confinement. STOP Inhumane Treatment - Lewisburg Call to Action

Posted in 2016, Take Action Now Thursday, 10 November 2016

Lewisburg A Call to Action

Within our criminal justice system, the degree of abuse is often not apparent. Many don’t realize what kinds of abuse incarcerated youth are subjected to. United States Penitentiary Lewisburg (USP) is no exception. The National Religious Campaign against Torture released a call to action after a series of stories emerged from USP Lewisburg. These stories were posted by The Marshall Project and NPR, and depict harrowing conditions and treatment of those who are incarcerated there.

Inmates recount consistent exposure to torture methods and unsafe living conditions. Within the prison inmates are exposed to double celled solitary confinement, restraints, and a lack of mental health treatment. In the report, men report stories of sharing a 6 by 10 foot room with another cell-mate. Many of those incarcerated, suffer from severe mental health issues or have been critically injured and even killed in clashes that erupt in the small cells. Furthermore, if an inmate resists a dangerous cell assignment, they are violently restrained. These cuffs generally cut off circulation and even make it difficult to breath. They are kept in uncomfortable positions for days resulting in the inability to use the toilet, drink and even feed themselves. They remain in these restraints until they capitulate and agree to live with a potentially dangerous cell mate.

No human being should have to live this way and the rampant abuse at Lewisburg has to stop. Call on Attorney General Loretta Lynch to investigate the practices used at Lewisburg. Your voice is needed to call attention to the importance of humane treatment within our criminal justice system.

Make your voice heard here:

Lewisburg Sample Social Media Posts:

  • The time is NOW to call on Attorney General Loretta Lynch to investigate abuse at Lewisburg! #justiceforall #takeaction
  • Promote humane treatment at Lewisburg and ask AG Loretta Lynch to look into treatment practices! #CFYJ
  •  STOP solitary confinement. STOP staff abuse. STOP inhumane treatment. Call on Loretta Lynch TODAY to investigate Lewisburg. #takeaction
  • YOU have the power to make a change. Make your voice heard and urge AG Loretta Lynch NOW to stop of the abuse at Lewisburg prison.