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Marcy Mistrett

Marcy Mistrett

Marcy started her career in juvenile justice in Chicago in the 1990’s, where she worked on youth transfer issues at the University of Chicago Law School’s Mandel Clinic, at the Citizen’s Committee on Juvenile Court, and at the Evanston Community Defender Office as a social worker.  She has been an organizer, technical assistance and direct service provider at the national and local levels for the past 20 years. Marcy joined the Campaign for Youth Justice in Summer, 2014 as the new CEO.

The Party’s Over. It’s Time to Act!

Aprill Turner Thursday, 02 October 2014 Posted in 2014, Take Action Now

Last month marked the 40th anniversary of the Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Act of 1974 (JJDPA)—the nation’s main law governing state juvenile justice programs.

“40 for 40”- A Multimedia Storytelling Project

All September long, youth, families, leaders, and advocates from across the country celebrated four decades of fewer youth in adult jails, fewer children who have committed no crime being locked up, and increased attention being paid to racial and ethnic disparities in our state systems.