Tuesday, 17 October 2017


Let’s break the chains of the black youth’s mind

So that they will remain devine

We were never monkeys swinging from vines

So never look down on own kind

We were kings & queens

We wernt ment to be anybody labor machine

The brother martin had a dream

Malcolm said we are the cream

In order to get ahead, we have to give our best

What they have made of us is a mess

How can I call you my brother?

I cant even trust you to have my back

We have to look at the bigger picture

And get this thing back on track

Because, honestly black on black crime...

Now that’s wack

Brothers that’s free

But they locked up and blocked up

Lets turn it around before its to late and were washed up

We are politically deprived

Told we will never rise

Rise above the pain that runs deep in our veins

The revolutionary fight was not ment to be a game

It’s a way of life

The only way we will get our much needed rights

Our black forfathers fought with might

Just so we could sleep through the night

Rosa Parks sat on a bus

Now that a old lady putting up a fuss

Our youth are blinded by the dust

Who can we really trust?

Gunz blazing all they know is bust

Come on black man, let’s take a vow

To raise our beautiful child

Leaving them with there mothers all alone

Alone to be prone

Full of jails

There mothers cant afford their bails

Trying to make it, trying not to fail

Some being dealt the fatal hand of death

We have to take that extra step

To ensure our rise & stop our youths demise


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