Youth Justice Action Month: Art, Activism, Advocacy

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During October 2017, YJAM focused on the arts and the infinite variety of creative ways artistic expression can inspire action. There are all kinds of arts that can be used to educate, motivate, and advocate for social change: 

  • VISUAL (Film, Painting, Photography, Sculpture, Mixed Media, and Social Media [memes, gifs, vines])
  • PERFORMANCE (Dance, Music, Spoken Word, Theater) 
  • WRITING (Autobiography, Essays, Poetry, Short stories)

How Did Youth Justice Advocates and Artists Work Together During YJAM?  

  • Organized essay, poetry, or other writing contests that highlight impacted youth
  • Created visual art exhibitions where policymakers can see them
  • Organized film screenings with discussions with advocates for youth justice reforms
  • Conducted art/advocacy workshops 
  • Posted creations online with #YJAM

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