October is Youth Justice Action Month (YJAM)

  • The Negative Effect of “Hardening” Schools on Students of Color
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Since 2009, YJAM has grown every year. Youth, families, students and advocates throughout the country have made YJAM what it is today – a movement to end the prosecution of youth in the adult system.  

This year for YJAM, the Campaign for Youth Justice joins other national organizations and movements in calling for our local communities to vote in local elections because voting for youth justice matters. While public safety often makes it onto the public polls and local political platforms, we spend little time re-imagining justice for our young people. In fact, most people in local courtrooms—district attorneys, sheriffs, and judges—are in elected positions. This year, we will spend YJAM raising awareness in states about local government and how their decisions directly affect our daily lives, especially when it comes to policing and the public safety of our most vulnerable population, our children. 

Join us, TAKE ACTION, and remember to #VoteYouthJustice.

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