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Family Engagement

The Campaign for Youth Justice (CFYJ) partners with allies from across the country who advocate, educate, and guide policy reform efforts, to end the practice of prosecuting youth in the criminal justice system. CFYJ seeks to build and grow the youth justice movement by providing educational materials, advocacy tools, and opportunities for skill development.

We engage families and youth who are seeking opportunities to take action at the national level or in their home state through state campaigns or public awareness actions. We encourage involvement in our Youth Justice Awareness Month activities and recruit youth and families to join our spokespersons bureau.

CFYJ has worked with families and youth, to: 

  • Convene families and youth in leadership, community organizing, and media trainings 
  • Develop and train those who are interested in becoming CFYJ spokespeople 
  • Develop PSA’s and other media materials that featured families and youth 
  • Identify opportunities for youth and families to participate in national meetings and conferences. 
  • Identify opportunities for youth and families to participate and testify in Capitol Hill briefings and hearings in their own state. 
  • Coordinate meetings of families and youth with the Department of Justice, OJJDP, the Attorney General’s Office, and Secretary of Education to discuss family engagement, educate policy leaders on the issue, and create solutions to end the practice of processing youth in the adult criminal justice system. 
  • Develop a Family Resource Guide to assist families who have a child who is at-risk or is currently being processed in the criminal justice system. 
  • Lead and host Youth Justice Awareness Month events in their states

Take Action

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