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February 2013

More Cops Isn't the Solution: Instead of turning kids into criminals, we need more resources for programs that work - Baltimore Sun

November 2012

Ban solitary confinement of children - The Tampa Bay Times

Juvenile courts were created to get kids on track - The Des Moines Register

Questions arise over frequency black kids go to adult court - The Des Moines Register

'Juvenile In Justice': Jailed youths exhibit - The Associated Press

Corbett Signs Law to Spare Juvenile Lifers - The Philadelphia Tribune

Wyoming Supreme Court to Reconsider Two Life in Prison Sentences - The Associated Press

But are we really any safer? - The Chicago Reporter

Minor misconduct - The Chicago Reporter

Appeals court probes adult sentence for 12-year-old in killing - The Indianapolis Star

Indiana appeals court raises questions in case that sent 12-year-old to prison for 25 years - The Indianapolis Star

What prison life is like for 14-year-old Indiana killer tried as an adult - The Indianapolis Star

Holistic reform takes root in Mississippi The Chicago Reporter

It's better not to lock up juvenile defendants - The Philadelphia Inquirer

Ohio Legislators Propose Bill Giving Kids the Right to Counsel in Interrogations - Juvenile Justice Information Exchange

Trying Juveniles as Adults - The American Israelite

'Y'all need to do better,' public tells panel overhauling Shelby County Juvenile Court - The Commercial Appeal

Wyoming Inches toward Reform - Juvenile Justice Information Exchange 


October 2012

Georgetown Researchers Examine Needs of Nation's Growing Female Detainee Population - Youth Today

Juvenile In Justice: Jailed youths in Richard Ross' haunting photo exhibit aimed at reforms- The Washington Post

Reconsidering Life Sentences for Juveniles who Kill - Juvenile Justice Information Exchange

State Advisors to Federal Juvenile Justice Office Briefed on Reforms - Juvenile Justice Information Exchange

Tough Times For Girls In Juvenile Justice System - NPR

Basu: Trying teen as adult will lead to 2 lives lost - The Des Moines Register

City Council takes symbolic stand against youth jail - The Baltimore Sun

Advocate: Convicted Juveniles Are 'Key Candidates' For Rehabilitation - 90.9 WBUR

Hearing Could Clarify Ruling On Juvenile Murder Sentences - 90.9 WBUR

Report: Number of juveniles in jail declines throughout New Jersey - The Courier-Post

Raising The Age: One Step Towards Fixing The Juvenile Criminal System - The Bronx Ink

Youth Court Program Separates Teen Defendants from Adults -

Run/walk focuses on justice for youth - The Statesman Journal

Inquirer Editorial: Life isn't right for juveniles - The Philadelphia Inquirer

Pennsylvania Amends Juvenile Murder Sentencing - Juvenile Justice Information Exchange

ACLU, Human Rights Watch Press for End to Juvenile Solitary Confinement - Juvenile Justice Information Exchange

Adolescents in Grown-Up Jails - The New York Times

Federal Justice Cuts Threaten Core Protections for Youths - The Crime Report

Growing Up Locked Down - Youth in Solitary Confinement in Jails and Prisons Across the United States - American Civil Liberties Union Blog of Rights

Juveniles with Mandatory Life Sentences Should be Resentenced -

Kids in solitary confinement: America's official child abuse - The Guardian

National Juvenile Justice Network Holds Roundtable on Reform Policies - Juvenile Justice Information Exchange

Photography Professor Exposes Flaws of Juvenile Detention in New Book - The Daily Nexus

Richard Ross on America's Youth Detention Facilities and Juvenile Justice Policies -

Should 24-Year-Old Offenders be Considered Juveniles? -

Making sense of California youth sentences - KALW 91.7 FM in San Francisco

Kids and Crime: Connecticut Passes 'Raise the Age' Law - U.S. Politics Today

Georgia considers juvenile justice reforms The Augusta Chronicle

State's Attorney Candidates Discuss Charging Minors as Adults -

Baltimore youth jail protesters bring case to State House - The Baltimore Sun

Attorney General Bill Schuette wins bid to argue 'juvenile lifers' cannot be resentenced -

Supreme Court Ruling may give those sentenced to life as juveniles a chance at freedom - The Detroit Free Press

Solitary Confinement For Youths Should Be Banned, Makes Juveniles 'Go Crazy': Human Rights Watch - Huffpost Crime

'Tougher Treatment' Not The Key To NC Juvenile Justice - Roberts Law Group Blog

Oregon Walks to Get Teens out of Adult Court - Juvenile Justice Information Exchange

Juvenile Killers and Life Terms: a Case in Point - The New York Times

Multi-tasking to keep teens from behind bars - The Coatesville Times

Pa. Senate OKs juvenile murder sentences options - The Philadelphia Inquirer

Pa. House votes to alter juvenile murder sentences -

People can change: Juveniles should not receive life sentencesThe Patriot News

Kid Count notes 'Y-JAM' with new online resource - The Ranger

12 Shocking Pictures Of Kids Behind Bars In America - Business Insider

Visualized: A Sobering Check on Recent Wins By Juvenile Advocates - Juvenile Justice Information Exchange

California Gives Hope to Child Offenders Sentenced to Die in Prison - The American Civil Liberties Union Blog of Rights

California Guarantees Chance at Parole for Juveniles Facing Life Sentences - Juvenile Justice Information Exchange

Gov. Brown signs bill giving juveniles 2nd chance - The Associated Press

A Florida Boy's Tragic Story - YouthToday

If we build $70 million juvenile jail, we'll fill it - The Baltimore Sun

Morgan State forum illuminates justice system's racial disparity - The Baltimore Sun

Ohio high court: Police get leeway to question juveniles - The Columbus Dispatch

Thirteen and locked up for life? -


September 2012

'Juvenile In Justice': Richard Ross Photographs Provide A Thoughtful Glimpse Into The Young World Behind Bars - The Huffington Post

Juvenile Offenders in Limbo under Outdated State Laws - Juvenile Justice Information Exchange

Restoring Rehabilitation to the American Juvenile Justice System -

Youth Justice Awareness Month Returns - Juvenile Justice Information Exchange

Some juvenile killers would get parole if Jerry Brown signs bill - The Los Angeles Times

Number of Connecticut kids sent to pre-trial detention varies widely - The New Haven Register

Arrest rates of Jacksonville's black teen offenders 'excessive and discriminatory' - WJXT Channel 4 News

Juveniles in adult jail is one bad idea - The Tampa Tribune

Juvenile or Adult? - NASDAQ

When Children Kill Other Children -

Iowa View: We need to repair, not throw away - The Des Moines Register

Bill would cut sentences of juvenile murderers in Pennsylvania - The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Justice for Juvenile Criminals? - WTAJ-TV 10

Op-ed: Bowes - Mistake shouldn't define life -

The Mystery Ingredient in Juvenile Justice Reform: Advocates - Juvenile Justice Information Exchange

Cristian Fernandez, 13-Year-Old Florida Boy Charged With Brother's Murder, Had Life 'Punctuated By Violence' - The Huffington Post

Treatment of juveniles in Florida's jails under scrutiny - The News-press

But He Means Well: New law highlights youth prison policy injustice - The Daily Reveille

Opinion: N.J., think twice before trying young offenders as adults -

Herald News: Trying juveniles -

Does the juvenile justice system really work? -

Coordinating Council On Juvenile Justice And Delinquency Prevention To Address Girls' Delinquency - The Sacramento Bee

Report: Make Families of Detained Juveniles Part of the Solution - Juvenile Justice Information Exchange

Lawyers: Polk County guards abused teen inmates - San Francisco Chronicle

Juvenile injustice: Branded unemployable forever, as a child - The Detroit News

N.J. high court sets higher bar for youth -

Pa. high court revisits juvenile life sentences - The Times- Tribune

Reginald Dwayne Betts: Reflections From a Ruth Lilly Poetry Fellow - The Huffington Post

Back to School and the Prison Pipeline - The Huffington Post

14-year-old killer tried as adult to receive hearing that could send case back to juvenile courts - Indianapolis Star

Perry Hall shooting suspect among many juveniles charged as adults - The Baltimore Sun

New Jersey Juveniles Now Entitled to Hearings Before Transfer to State Prisons - Juvenile Justice Information Exchange

The Age of the Child - Youth Today


August 2012

Seeking Justice and Real Crime Prevention
The Huffington Post - August 2012

Psychologist chosen to evaluate Cristian Fernandez works to give kids hope
The Florida Times-Union - August 2012

Attacks among youth at Baltimore's adult jail continue
The Baltimore Sun - August 2012

Maryland doesn't need a $100 million juvenile jail
The Baltimore Sun - August 2012

Youth in city jail face 'deplorable' conditions
The Baltimore Sun - August 2012

Goldman to Invest in City Jail Program, Profiting if Recidivism Falls Sharply
The New York Times - August 2012

Juvenile Justice Reform Leaves Teens Behind
City Limits - August 2012

Westmoreland teen to be tried as juvenile for arsons
The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review - August 2012

Return discipline to youth lockups
The Statesman - August 2012

While Awaiting Trial, Teens in Dallas County Jail Being Kept in Their Cells 23 Hours a Day
The Dallas Observer - August 2012

Psychologist chosen to evaluate Cristian Fernandez works to give kids hope
The Florida Times-Union - August 2012

Attacks among youth at Baltimore's adult jail continue
The Baltimore Sun - August 2012

Maryland doesn't need a $100 million juvenile jail
The Baltimore Sun - August 2012

Youth in city jail face 'deplorable' conditions
The Baltimore Sun - August 2012

Goldman to Invest in City Jail Program, Profiting if Recidivism Falls Sharply
The New York Times - August 2012

Juvenile Justice Reform Leaves Teens Behind
City Limits - August 2012

Westmoreland teen to be tried as juvenile for arsons
The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review - August 2012

Return discipline to youth lockups
The Statesman - August 2012

While Awaiting Trial, Teens in Dallas County Jail Being Kept in Their Cells 23 Hours a Day
The Dallas Observer - August 2012

Visiting a detainee in the D.C. jail is now done by video
The Washington Post - August 2012

July 2012

An Adult Ordeal; An Innocent Child
The BayNet - July 2012

Boy, 12, charged in neighbor's rape
The Lowell Sun - July 2012

Jennifer Rothman: Teen treatment
The News & Observer - July 2012

New federal rules may strain county jails
The Columbus Dispatch - July 2012

Modernize sentencing for juveniles
The Scranton Times-Tribune - July 2012

DA: Trying violent minors as adults a means for punishment, not rehab
The Monitor - July 2012

Are prosecutors hamstrung by decisions limiting how they treat violent juvenile offenders? Yes
The Denver Post - July 2012

Why we raised the age
Stamford Advocate - July 2012

Torture by another name
The Baltimore Sun - July 2012

Rasaan Turner: Give young offenders a chance to change
Detroit Free Press - July 2012

Editorial: End juvenile lifer injustice
Detroit Free Press - July 2012

Children who kill are still children
Concord Monitor - July 2012

Opinion: N.J. sets a progressive example for juvenile justice reform - July 2012

New Jersey Supreme Court Deliberates on Trying Juveniles as Adults
FindLaw KnowledgeBase - July 2012


June 2012

In Juve Justice A Move Away From Detention For Some
WCTV-TV - June 2012

Judge rules in favor of defense regarding Cristian Fernandez exam
The Florida Times-Union - June 2012

Quinn closing prisons against lawmakers' wishes
Associated Press - June 2012

'Veto St.' teen to be charged as adult
WOOD-TV - June 2012

HS Shooting Suspect Will Stay At Juvenile Detention Center
ONN-TV - June 2012

Ohio using federal grant to offer free visits to families of youth in juvenile centers
Associated Press - June 2012

Treatment is the goal in juvenile justice system
Marion Star - June 2012

Sent Away
Salon - June 2012

'Juvenile lifers deserve a second look': Lawyer awaits high court rule
Legal News - June 2012

The next steps in ending prison rape
The Washington Post - June 2012

A Question of Freedom: A Memoir of Learning, Survival, and Coming of Age in Prison
C-SPAN - June 2012

Flakes seeks forgiveness, redemption, to mentor at-risk youth
The Gazette - June 2012

Should Children Be Tried As Adults?
Examiner - June 2012

Mo. boy to be tried as adult in shooting of sister
Associated Press - June 2012

Polk County Teen Charged in Shooting Death of 12-Year-Old Sister
KOZL-TV - June 2012

Judging Children as Children: Partnering With Families for Our Children's Future
The Huffington Post - June 2012

It's time to Raise the Age on teen crime
Citizen-Times - June 2012

Keep talking: A program fosters trust between youth and police
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette - June 2012

Department of Justice slates meeting over Shelby County Juvenile Court
The Commercial Appeal - June 2012


May 2012

Unsafe Behind Bars
The New York Times - May 2012

Study: Race Impacts Severity of Teen Sentences
National Journal - May 2012

Brian Banks, Ex-L.A. High School Football Star, Has NFL Tryout With Seahawks After Rape Exoneration
LA Weekly - May 2012

Group sues California over isolation of some prison inmates
Los Angeles Times - May 2012

Editorial - Juvenile court isn't 'being soft on crime'
Wilmington Star News - May 2012

Children's Advocates Urge NC Lawmakers to 'Raise the Age'
Public News Service - May 2012

Group works to change sentencing of teen in N.C.
Technician - May 2012

Judge won't allow teen to be tried as adult in girl's rape, murder
The Akron Beacon Journal - May 2012

Inmates celebrate jail releases
Associated Press - May 2012

Corbett supports corrections changes that could save of $263 million over five years
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette - May 2012

Texas Juvenile Justice Department needs a stronger hand at the helm
Star-Telegram - May 2012

The hard facts behind youth crime (and what you can do about it)
The Washington Post - May 2012

New rules to protect youths in adult jails
Scripps Howard News Service - May 2012

U.S. Department of Justice Issues New Regulations Protecting Children in Adult Jails and Prisons from Sexual Abuse
CFYJ Press Release - May 2012

U.S. Issues Far-Reaching Rules to Stem Prison Rape
The New York Times - May 2012

Prisons told to step up anti-rape enforcement
The Associated Press - May 2012

Justice Department Releases Final Rule to Prevent, Detect and Respond to Prison Rape
DOJ Press Release - May 2012

Presidential Memorandum -- Implementing the Prison Rape Elimination Act
The White House Press Release - May 2012

States Have Second Thoughts About Juveniles in Adult Court - May 2012

"Juvenile in Justice" photo project captures kids behind bars
CBS 48 Hours - May 2012

Juvenile Offenders Sentenced To Life Can Face Harsher Treatment Than Adults: Report
The Huffington Post - May 2012

Gov. Jerry Brown backtracks on plan to phase out the state's youth prison system
San Jose Mercury News - May 2012

End juvenile life sentences, group urges
Detroit Free Press - May 2012

Column: A mother's plea for protecting children
Winston-Salem Journal - May 2012

Letter: Charging minors as adults costly
Greenville Daily - May 2012

Ruling puts Harris County juvenile offenders' housing in limbo
Houston Chronicle - May 2012

Arpaio case: Justice Department plans to sue sheriff
The Republic - May 2012

Prosecutors Want Girl Tried As Adult In Fatal Stabbing
rtv 6 - May 2012

State seeks to try teen as adult in 4-year-old's death
Indianapolis Star - May 2012

Grandmom: Teen accused in stabbing loved boy, 4
Associated Press - May 2012

Changing the N.C. Juvenile Justice System
WPTF-AM - May 2012

Adult prisons imperil young offenders, advocacy group says
The Columbus Dispatch - May 2012

Study: Juveniles Held in Jails Are Often Isolated
The Texas Tribune - May 2012

Sexual abuse in prisons
The Washington Post - May 2012

Trying youths as adults hurts families and taxpayers, but not crime
The Christian Science Monitor - May 2012

Gang-shooting case: Adult charges for 2 teens rare
Orlando Sentinel - May 2012

Kindergartner Charged with Battery. Why Are We Criminalizing Kids?
Shine - May 2012

Redeploy Illinois program helps juvenile offenders stay out of jail
Belleville News-Democrat - May 2012

Illinois officials tout program to keep Metro East teens out of prison
St. Louis Post-Dispatch - May 2012

Alleged HS Shooting Suspect Competent To Stand Trial
ONN - TV - May 2012

John Jay Fellowship on Youth in the Justice System Takes The Skanner News to New York
The Skanner - May 2012

LETTERS: Keep youths out of adult prisons; young criminal deserved more severe punishment
Beaumont Enterprise - May 2012

April 2012

The incarceration nation
CBS News - April 2012

George Will: Cruel and unusual for juveniles
The Washington Post - April 2012

A solitary confinement solution
Los Angeles Times - April 2012

Guv signs juvenile crime bill into law
The Durango Herald - April 2012

Does Charging Youth as Adults Make Baltimore Safer?
The Real News

Should Felony Suspect Be Charged As An Adult Or Juvenile?
WOWT - TV - April 2012

N.J. Supreme Court mulls rules for trying juveniles as adults
North Jersey Media Group - April 2012

Laws Sending Kids to Adult Court at Issue in New Jersey High Court
Youth Today - April 2012

Justice Department: Black children treated disparately in Shelby County juvenile court
Associated Press - April 2012

Detaining fewer juveniles leads to better outcomes
The Houston Chronicle - April 2012

Hickenlooper faces tough decision on Direct File bill
FOX 31 - April 2012

Government Should Restore Fidelity in the Juvenile Justice System
The Huffington Post - April 2012

Transfers to adult court don't explain drop in youth crime
Orlando Sentinel - April 2012

Children Need Separate Juvenile Facilities and Not Put In Adult Jails
The Ledger - April 2012

19 years later, kid who killed faces us again
Buffalo News - April 2012

Interview with Erin Mulligan Graver
Independent Weekly - April 2012

Teen ruled responsible for death of Kenzie Houk, baby
New Castle News - April 2012

Children Can Never Be Safe in Adult Prisons
New York Times - April 2012

Incarcerated Childhood
RT-TV - April 2012

US justice system failing the youth?
RT-TV - April 2012

Rush Urges Attorney General to Remove Children from Adult Prisons and Jails
Rep. Bobby Rush Press Release - April 2012

Supreme Court reviews life sentences for juvenile murderers
The Sun Sentinel - April 2012

Lead Juvenile Justice Expert Says State Facilities Should Stay Open
The Huffington Post - April 2012

Guest Commentary: Trust judges with juvenile placements
The Denver Post - April 2012

Colorado bill restricting DA power in juvenile cases passes
Associated Press - April 2012

HB 1271 Calls For More Oversight In Direct File Cases, Heads To Gov. Hickenlooper For Signing
The Denver Post - April 2012

Adult charges against juvies put in judges' hands
The Pueblo Chieftain - April 2012

HB 1271 Calls For More Oversight In Direct File Cases, Heads To Gov. Hickenlooper For Signing
The Huffington Post - April 2012

Bill would change age for juveniles to be charged as adults
The Gazette - April 2012

Mothers support closing Tamms super-max prison (video)
Chicago Tribune - April 2012

Teenage murder suspect Jordan Brown could be temporarily released from custody
WFMJ - TV - April 2012

Juveniles wait years to get past sex crimes -
Houston Chronicle - April 2012

March 2012

Young sex offenders don't deserve lifetime listing in registry
Great Falls Tribune - March 2012

Life without parole: unfair for children
The National Law Journal - March 2012

Federal data show racial gaps in school arrests
The Washington Post - March 2012

Juvenile justice reform bill clears big test
FOX 31 Denver - March 2012

Prosecutors' Deciding to Charge Children As Adults Comes Under Fire
CBS 4 Denver - March 2012

Juveniles prosecuted as adults: Colorado's hardline approach not working, report says
Westword Blogs  - March 2012

Police: Officer Suspended after 13-year-old's Fatal Shooting
WBAL - TV - March 2012

North Carolina Legislators, Advocates Want Juvenile Justice Age Upped to 18
Reclaiming Futures - March 2012

Judge: Ohio school shooting case may go to adult court
USA Today - March 2012

Blocking access to a murder
The Vindicator - March 2012

State must be smart on youth crime
The Richmond Times - March 2012

A double life is nothing but trouble
The Washington Post - March 2012

February 2012

Study: More Black Juvenile Sentenced to Life Without Parole
BET National News - February 2012

Some questions over drop in Orange Co. juvenile crime
WFTV - TV - February 2012

Teen's appeal of adult trial set to proceed
The Journal Gazette - February 2012

A story worth sharing -
Indianapolis Star - February 2012

What life is like for a 14-year-old killer tried as an adult in Indiana
Indianapolis Star - February 2012

You Tell Us: Should A Youth jail Be Built in Baltimore
North Baltimore Patch - February 2012

Consent decree would ban isolation, private jails for youths
Clarion Ledger - February 2012

Groups: Deal in juvenile prison lawsuit to ban solitary confinement for youth in Mississippi
Associated Press - February 2012

Vigil coincides with landmark decision
WLBT - TV - February 2012

Mississippi Could End Practice of Putting Juvenile Offenders in Privately Run Prisons
Mississippi Public Broadcasting - February 2012

Ohio school shooting: State likely to seek adult trial for teen suspect
The Christian Science Monitor - February 2012

Accused Chardon High School shooter T.J. Lane's legal case is far from normal, experts say
The Plain Dealer - February 2012

Ohio Teen Charged with 3 Juvenile Counts of aggravated murder in school shooting
FOX News - February 2012

Youngstown News, Regardless of age, a person accused of a double homicide should not be tried in secret
The Vindicator - February 2012

Senate-passed bill would try juveniles as adults
Associated Press - February 2012

Fixing the time in youth crime: Long, harsh sentences not seen as way to rehabilitate
Deseret News - February 2012

Plan to end juvenile justice division faces fight
San Francisco Chronicle - February 2012

Convicted Murderer Gives 1st Interview Since Release From Prison
KRDO TV - February 2012

The Girl Who Fell to Earth
Colorado Public Radio - February 2012

Sixteen-year-old Tara Perry followed her man into crime and madness
Westword News - February 2012

Smart, not tough: Reconsidering juvenile justice
Bridge Magazine - February 2012

Should Lansing teen get chance at freedom or be behind bars for life?
Lansing State Journal - February 2012

North Carolina may raise offender age
United Press International - February 2012

Teen's shooting trial begins on adult charges
The Canton Repository - February 2012

Teen charged as accomplice in Wilkes-Barre machete attack
Pocono Record - February 2012

Media denied access to boy's juvenile case in '09 killing
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette - February 2012

Dad in Washington school shooting: 'My kid made a mistake'
Associated Press - February 2012

Protestors to rally for boy murder suspect
WJXT - TV - February 2012

Protestors Against 13-year-old Fernandez Being Tried as Adult
First Coast News - February 2012

Mass. Legislature Considers Raising Minimum State Imprisonment Age
WBUR - TV - February 2012

Mo. teen gets life with possible parole in killing
Associated Press - February 2012

How should Alyssa Bustamante be punished for killing Elizabeth Olten?
KSDK - TV - February 2012

To save N.Y. teens, retire juvenile jails
New York Daily News - February 2012

Prosecuting teenagers
Adirondack Daily Enterprise - February 2012

Kids treated as adult felons will act as such
Charlotte Observer - February 2012

Teen Will Face Adult Charges In Group Home Death
WLWT - TV - February 2012

Teen to be tried as adult in beating death
The Cincinnati Enquirer - February 2012

16-year-old charged in October gang shooting will stand trial as adult
Wisconsin State Journal - February 2012

Juvenile criminal names should be public
SnoValley Star - February 2012

Teen accused of shooting father to be tried as juvenile
The Olympian - February 2012

GINATTA: Give child offenders chance at rehabilitation
Richmond Times-Dispatch - February 2012

Let the judges do their jobs
The Roanoke Times - February 2012

Juvenile penalties would go too far
The Virginian-Pilot - February 2012

Ensuring teen offenders can't be rehabilitated
The Washington Post - February 2012

Bill to try more VA juveniles as adults rejected
Richmond Times-Dispatch - February 2012

Prosecutors want 16-year-old charged as adult for bomb threat
KSL - February 2012

Under 12, under arrest
Times Union - February 2012

Teen Charged as Adult in Drug Deal Gone Bad
WLKY - February 2012

Teen rapist could see his sentence change
Lewiston Tribune - February 2012

Youth charged as adult in rape cases
The Apalachicola Times - February 2012

Fla. prison closings are legacy of wrong guess
Miami Herald - February 2012

California's youth prisons nearing an end
San Francisco Chronicle - February 2012

Serious youth offenders
Arizona Daily Star - February 2012

January 2012

Juvenile offenders: Cuts put counties on the spot
San Francisco Chronicle - January 2012

State should be careful in plan to charge counties for incarcerating serious juvenile offenders
Contra Costa Times - January 2012

Money Refused Could Become Money Owed
The New York Times - January 2012

Arrests Poor Answer For Youths In Trouble
The Hartford Courant - January 2012

Georgia rethinks its prison stance
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution - January 2012

Keep teens out of adult criminal court
Chicago Tribune - January 2012

For teens guilty of murder, penalties can vary widely
The Boston Globe - January 2012

Bay State must relax youth punishments
The Boston Globe - January 2012

Young have greater ability to reform
The Boston Globe - January 2012

Juvenile Justice: What's Needed
Jackson Free Press - January 2012

Group: Juvenile program hurting
Hattiesburg American - January 2012

December 2011

Free Minds Book Club gives books to teens behind bars
News Channel 8 - December 2011

No Grand Jury Today in 12-year-old Murder Suspect's Case
First Coast News - December 2011

No Plea Deal for 12-Year-Old Murder Suspect
Fox News - December 2011

Lionel: The School To Prison Pipeline
Fox 17 - December 2011

Hillsboro teen, 15, sentenced to 30 years to life for 1009 Cornelius killing
The Oregonian - December 2011

Judge's sentence for wrong-way teen driver who killed two will be reviewed
Richmond Times - Dispatch - December 2011

Thomas Haynesworth fully exonerated by Va. appeals court
The Washington Post - December 2011

Oxnard teen accepts plea deal in killing of gay schoolmate
Ventura County Star - December 2011

U.S. Supreme Court to review issue of whether teenage murderers should get life without parole
The Times-Picayune - December 2011

Keeping Youth Out Of Adult Jail
Open Society Institute Blog - December 2011

Council Members Approve New Resolution In Push For Juvenile Justice System Reform
NY 1 - December 2011

Cleveland Case points out difficulty in monitoring whether juveniles are in jails
Scripps Howard News Service - December 2011

Law returns youth convicted as adult to juvenile court for sentencing
The Columbus Dispatch - December 2011

Va. family still suffers effects of guilty plea to false charge
The Washington Post - December 2011

6-year-old's felony charges overzealous
The Badger Herald - December 2011

Wisconsin DA charges six y.o. boy with felony for playing doctor with 5 y.o. girl
America blog - December 2011


November 2011

First Look- MSNBC's Young Kids, Hard Time Documentary Airing 11/20 - November 2011

Harmful & Ineffective Practice of Treating Youth as Adults
Childrens Law Center Inc. - November 2011

What Went Wrong In McInerney Trial? - November 2011

Illinois Juvenile Justice Reform
Congressional Record - November 2011

The teenage brain
Minnesota Public Radio News - November 2011

Teen Faces Double Murder Charges As Adult
Fox Charlotte - November 2011

Questions arise on release of juvenile information
New Castle News - November 2011

Juvenile justice system cries for help
Wyoming Tribune Eagle - November 2011


October 2011

Trying Juveniles as Adults Doesn't Reduce Juvenile Crime
Black Voice News - October 2011

Federal cuts would imperil juvenile justice programs
The Washington Post - October 2011

Don't repeat our criminal justice mistakes, U.S. policy experts warn Canada
iPolitics - October 2011

Republicans block justice review proposal in Senate
Politico - October 2011

Weekly Notes: Survey shows overwhelming support for juvenile rehabilitation; Juvenile Woodstock wraps up; day 1,000 approaches
Youth Today - October 2011

Does Locking Young Offenders up Longer, Make us Safer? - October 2011

How Do You Explain an Eighth-Grade Shooting?
ABC News - October 2011

Americans Believe in Treatment Over Incarceration for Youth, New Poll Finds
Juvenile Justice Information Exchange - October 2011


Nation Urged to Adopt California's Juvenile Justice Policies
The California Report - October 2011

Plea deal 'very close' in Cristian Fernandez murder case
The Florida Times-Union - October 2011

Cristian Fernandez Won't Stand Trial, Spend Life in Prison
First Coast News - October 2011

Prosecutor not seeking life in prison for Cristian Fernandez
The Florida Times-Union - October 2011

Juvenile Corrections Report Offers Praise, Suggestions for Maine
Maine Public Broadcasting - October 2011

Hundreds protest construction of youth jail in city
The Baltimore Sun - October 2011

March against proposed youth detention center planned
Associated Press - October 2011

Marathon Marchers: Baltimore youths gather to protest proposed youth jail
Urbanite - October 2011

Flawed objection to juvenile law reform
Boston Globe - October 2011

Locking up youth doesn't prevent crime
Taunton Daily Gazette - October 2011

More justice for juveniles
Times Union- October 2011

Juvenile Incarceration Not Paying Off, Study Says
WNYC- October 2011

Age of offenders
Burlington Times-News - October 2011

'Lock 'em Up' juvenile justice doesn't work in N.C.
The Charlotte Post - October 2011

Texas juvenile justice reforms working, study says
Houston Chronicle - October 2011

Report: Texas Youth Justice Better, but Can Improve
The Texas Tribune - October 2011

Foundation recommends reducing incarceration of youth
The Richmond Voice - October 2011

Va. Group Pushes For Less Juvenile Incarceration
WAMU - October 2011


September 2011

Teen Sentenced in 7-cent Robbery: Anthony Stewart to Serve Six Years
Gather - September 2011

Judge: Detention center is best plan for area teens
The Natchez Democrat - September 2011

Burlington boy spared adult charges in parents' shooting deaths
The Denver Post - September 2011

Carroll: Is plea deal for juvenile fair?
The Denver Post - September 2011

Under age and behind bars
KALW News - September 2011

Report: More juveniles in Santa Cruz County tried as adults than state average
Santa Cruz Sentinel - September 2011

John Lash on Trying Children as Adults
Juvenile Justice Information Exchange - September 2011

August 2011


Stronger efforts needed against prison rape
The Baltimore Sun - August 2011

Solitary confinement should be a last resort
The Washington Post - August 2011

'West Memphis 3' get first taste of freedom
NBC Today Show - August 2011

California death penalty foes to try for ballot initiative
Los Angeles Times - August 2011

12-Year-Old Won't Face Charges As An Adult
KKTV - August 2011

Burlington boy who killed parents will not face adult court
The Denver Post - August 2011

Legislature Ponders Juvenile Justice Reforms
WCTV - August 2011

Baltimore doesn't need a costly new juvenile detention facility
The Baltimore Sun - August 2011

Author at FSU symposium says reading turned his life around
Fayetteville Observer - August 2011

Brown to be tried as juvenile
Beaver County Times - August 2011

Accused of murder, socially awkward teen finds friends
The Chicago Tribune - August 2011

Downsizing Maryland's prisons
The Baltimore Sun - August 2011

Letters: Life sentencing for juveniles is cruel but usual
The Muskegon Chronicle - August 2011

Report: Measure 11 disproportionately pushes black youths into adults criminal system
The Oregonian - August 2011

Report Says Black Youths Disproportionately Affected by Measure 11
NPR - August 2011

Judge to rule whether teen is tried as adult or juvenile
The Vindicator - August 2011

Legally Speaking: Sixteen, and Life to Go (Part 1)
The Southeast Texas Record - August 2011

Legally Speaking: Sixteen, and Life to Go (Part 2)
The Southeast Texas Record - August 2011

Jackson mom reacts to one family's nightmare
KFVS - 12 - August 2011

Stronger efforts needed against prison rape
The Baltimore Sun - August 2011

Protecting Youthful Offenders
The Washington Post - August 2011

The Power of Family
The Corrections Connection - August 2011

Teen killer's mom says Warren was troubled
WALA-TV - August 2011

Nathan Butler awaits fact-finding trial for brother's death
Indiana Daily Student - August 2011

Why We Can't Incarcerate our Way Out of Crisis
The Huffington Post - August 2011

Un-American justice for juveniles
WorldNetDaily - August 2011

Texas first: Prison is closing
Austin American-Statesman - August 2011


July 2011

Father of shooting victim says DA is offering 'appalling' plea deal
The Gazette July 2011

Gov. Malloy Passes Juvenile Justice Bills, But What Are They?
WTIC-TV July 2011

Judge rules Tekamah teen will be tried as adult
Lincoln Journal Star July 2011

New Mexico Woman battles youth sentencing law
El Paso Times July 2011

Support appears to be building for thoughtful juvenile justice reform
Wilmington Star-News – July 2011

Tried and through
Mountain Xpress – July 2011

A juvenile justice system that's adrift
Los Angeles Times - July 2011

Brandon McInerney, Teen Accused of Killing Gay Classmate, Face Trial
The Huffington Post - July 2011

Summer slam
The Chicago Reporter - July 2011

Former Judge Explains Waiving Juveniles to Adult Court
WIBC-FM - July 2011

Juvenile Offender Population Booms Behind Bars
WRTV 6 - July 2011

Murder suspect's motion dismissed
Pharos-Tribune - July 2011

Prosecutor Wants Boy charged As Adult in Brother's Killing
WRTV - TV - July 2011

Signed bills to free some inmates faster
The Advocate - July 2011

N.C., N.Y. only states where 16-year-olds considered adults by criminal justice system Wilmington-Star News - July 2011

Delayed brain development responsible for juvenile offender behavior - July 2011

Children in Prison
KCFR-AM (Colorado Public Radio) - July 2011

Today's lead letter: Poor treatment of accused boy
Florida Times-Union - July 2011

Exploited kids aren't criminals
Boston Herald - July 2011

Cape May County sheriff hopes new jail program will keep juvenile offenders on the outside
Press of Atlantic City - July 2011

Editorial: Moving the needle on youth violence
The Commercial Appeal - July 2011

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