Fact Sheets


Below are a series of general fact sheets written by the Campaign for Youth Justice and partners demonstrating the harm caused by prosecuting youth as adults.


Key Statistics About Youth Crime

Talking Points - Juvenile Justice Week of Faith & Healing (PDF)

Key Facts: Youth in the Justice System (PDF)

Chart of Youth Arrests (PDF)

Chart of Declining Juvenile Crime Rates and Age-Specific Arrest Rates (PDF)



Youth Tried As Adults – General

North Carolina: Fact Sheet on HB 217- Giving Prosecutors Absolute Power to Prosecute Juveniles Age 13 or older in Adult Court

How a Youth Ends Up in the Adult Justice System (PDF)

Teen Brains Are Not Fully Developed (PDF)

Adolescent Brain Development (Word)

Comparison of the Juvenile System to the Adult System (PDF)

Education Needs of Youth in the Justice System (Word)

Youth Have Lifelong Barriers to Employment (PDF)

Young Children in the Adult System (PDF)

International Consensus Against Trying Youth As Adults (PDF)

Transfer Laws Did Not Cause Crime Decline (PDF)

Jonathan's Law Fact Sheet (PDF)


Studies on Recidivism

Prosecuting Youth in the Adult System Leads to More Crime, Not Less (PDF)

Summary of Transfer Research Studies (Word)

Fact Sheet on OJJDP Transfer Bulletin (PDF)

Fact Sheet on CDC Study (PDF)



Dangers of Housing Youth in Adult Facilities

Key Facts: Youth in Adult Jails and Prisons (PDF) (Word)

Why Youth Facilities Are Better Than Adult Facilities (Word)

Youth Housed in Adult Jails and Prisons (PDF)

Fact Sheet on CFYJ Report - Jailing Juveniles (PDF)



Girls in the Justice System

Resource List: Girls in the Juvenile Justice System (PDF)



Racial and Ethnic Disparities

Disproportionate Impact on Youth of Color (PDF)

Impact on African-American Youth (PDF)

Impact on Latino Youth (Spanish/English PDF)

Impact on Native American Youth (PDF)