JJDPA (Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Act)


The Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Act is the principal federal program through which the federal government sets standards for juvenile justice systems at the state and local levels, providing direct funding for states, research, training, and technical assistance, and evaluation.


The JJDPA was originally enacted in 1974. Although the JJDPA has been amended several times over the past 30 years, its basic composition has remained the same. As it was passed in 1974, the JJDPA focused largely on preventing juvenile delinquency and on rehabilitating juvenile offenders.


JJDPA Fact Sheets, Case Examples, and Testimony
Legislative Activity
Laws, Regulations, and Implementation Materials



JJDPA Fact Sheets, Case Examples, and Testimony


Fact Sheet about the JJDPA

Fact Sheet about Changes to the JJDPA which would Improve Safety for Incarcerated Youth (Act4JJ)

Fact Sheet about Girls and the Juvenile Justice System (Act4JJ)

Fact Sheet about Community-Based and Home-Based Alternatives to Incarceration (Act4JJ)

Fact Sheet about Jail Removal and Sight and Sound Core Protections (Act4JJ)

Fact Sheet about Community Re-Entry Plans for Youth (Act4JJ)

Fact Sheet about Disproportionate Minority Contact (Act4JJ)

Case Examples: Jurisdictions across the Country that Have Removed Youth Prosecuted as Adults from Adult Jails (Campaign for Youth Justice)

Speaking out Against Prosecuting Children as Adults: Quotes from Researchers and Youth Prosecuted as Adults and their Families (Campaign for Youth Justice)




Legislative Activity


Act4JJ’s JJDPA Backgrounder

NJJDP Coalition’s Recommendations to Congress


Bills and Committee Reports

JJDPA in the 110th and 111th Congress

S.678 Fact Sheet (111th Congress)

S.678 Full Text (111th Congress)

S.678 Committee Report (111th Congress)

S.3155 Fact Sheet (110th Congress)

S.3155 Full Text (110th Congress)

S.3155 Committee Report  (110th Congress)


Support Letters

CFYJ Letter in support of S.678

State and Local Sign-on Letter in Support of S.678

DOJ Letter in Support of  S.678




Laws, Regulations and Implementation Materials



JJDPA, last reauthorized in 2002


Guidance Manuals

For Monitoring Facilities under JJDPA

For JJDPA Formula Grants (Vol. 1)

Chapter 1: Policy Statements
Chapter 2: Legal Opinions
Chapter 3: Court Cases

For JJPA Formula Grants (Vol. 2)

Chapter 1: Legislative Authority and Funding
Chapter 2: State Plan Development
Chapter 3: General Implementation

DMC Technical Assistance Manual

Federal Register Materials

Formula Grants: Consolidated Regulation, 28 CFR Part 31

Policy and criteria for exceptions to compliance with the JJDPA’s deinstitutionalization requirement

Criteria allowing for the placement of non-criminal juveniles in secure facilities for violating valid court orders

Criteria for determining the differences between secure and non-secure lockup for purposes of JJDPA compliance

Exceptions to compliance with JJDPA’s jail removal requirement

Final guideline for the Title V Delinquency Prevention Program





State Compliance with JJDPA Core Act Requirements