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A Campaign Approach to Ending the Practice of Prosecuting Youth as Adults


Let's first start by defining the term "campaign."  According to Webster's dictionary, a "campaign" is "A connected series of operations designed to bring about a particular result."  In addition to being a noun, "campaign" can also be used as a verb such as, "To go on, engage in, or conduct a campaign."  The Campaign for Youth Justice uses the term "campaign" as both a noun and a verb. That is, the term "campaign" is in the name of the organization to signify that we are in fact a "campaign" and it is also in the name of the organization as a verb to encourage people to join with us in the effort to end the prosecution of youth in adult court.


Why start a "campaign" on "transfer" in your state?

Key features of successful campaigns to reduce the prosecution of youth in adult court

Getting started

Getting people engaged

Goal Setting

Setting Benchmarks

Growing your campaign network

Gearing up for your legislative session

Utilizing National Youth Justice Awareness Month to Grow Your Campaign Network

Documenting your Campaign

Celebrate your Successes

What's in your Campaign Notebook?


The Campaign has complied a resource notebook for campaign organizers working to end the practice of trying, sentencing and incarcerating youth in the adult criminal justice system. Don't see a resource you use often? Please let us know! We'd like to continue to update and improve this resource!

Campaign Notebook

The Issue
Getting Started
Get Inspired


1.The Issue
Why start a campaign to the end the practice of trying, sentencing and incarcerating youth in the adult criminal justice system?  Here are some important reasons:http://www.campaignforyouthjustice.org/documents/whystartacampaign.pdf

How many youth are affected? Here are key facts about youth in the justice system: http://www.campaignforyouthjustice.org/documents/KeyYouthCrimeFacts.pdf

Who is most impacted? Here are personal stories of directly affected youth, parents and families.






2. Getting Started

What do you need to know about youth justice campaigns? Here are key features of a successful youth justice campaign: http://www.cfyj.org/documents/campaigns

What’s a good way to get started? For some suggestions, click here: http://www.cfyj.org/documents/gettingstarted.pdf

How does your state compare to other states and what are some of the issues? We’ve compiled research from more than 20 states here: http://www.cfyj.org/state-by-state.html

What do you want to change? For ideas, check out: http://www.cfyj.org/documents/cfyjss_overview.pdf

How do you set goals for your campaign? For some sample ideas, visit: http://www.cfyj.org/documents/campaign_resource_center_march_2011.pdf

How do you know if you are making progress in reaching your goals? Set benchmarks to mark your progress by looking at: http://www.cfyj.org/documents/Liz_newsletter_May_2011.pdf



3. Strategies

Undertaking a youth campaign requires utilizing a number of strategies, such as:

How do you get people engaged? To get started, visit: http://www.cfyj.org/documents/Getting_People_Engaged.pdf

What’s the best way to organize? Check out the “Family Guide to Networking, Coalition Building, Organizing & Campaign Planning” at: http://www.cfyj.org/documents/CFYJ_FamGuide.pdf

Networking & Coalition Building

How do you grow your network? For ideas, visit: http://www.cfyj.org/documents/Liz_newsletter_June_2011.pdf

How do you build an effective youth justice coalition? Check out this article: http://www.cfyj.org/documents/principles

Direct Action

House Party Kit: http://www.cfyj.org/documents/House_Party_Toolkit.pdf

Vigil Guide: http://www.cfyj.org/Downloads/ParentTools/VigilGuidewebversion.doc

Postcard Campaign: http://www.cfyj.org/parents-resource-center/parent-tools.html#postcard

Film Screening & Film “Childhood Interrupted”: http://www.cfyj.org/parents-resource-center/parent-tools.html#childhood

Site Visit: http://www.cfyj.org/documents/Site_Visit_Toolkit.doc

Research & Policy

What does the research say? Here’s a National Research Summary: http://www.cfyj.org/documents/UCLA-Literature-Review.pdf

Has research been done in my state? Click here to see State-by-State Research: http://www.cfyj.org/state-by-state.html

Check out the Fact Sheets on the key issues: http://www.cfyj.org/fact-sheets.html


Legislative Advocacy

How do I gear up for my legislative session? For ideas, visit: http://www.cfyj.org/documents/Newsletter_Liz_July_2011.pdf

For a Legislative Guide, visit: http://www.cfyj.org/documents/LegGuide_2011.pdf

What does the public think? Check out the latest Public Opinion Research: http://www.cfyj.org/documents/FR_GBA_Poll_1011.pdf



How do I talk about this issue? For Talking Points, click here: http://www.cfyj.org/documents/Transfertalkingpoints.pdf

What’s the best way to deal with the media? For a Media Guide, visit: http://www.cfyj.org/documents/mediaguide2010.pdf

What about Social Media? Click here for some ‘how to’ guides: http://www.casefoundation.org/topic/social-media



4. Get Inspired

Can we win? Yes! Check out what’s happening around the country: http://www.cfyj.org/documents/CFYJ_State_Trends_Report.pdf

Read Stories from the Field:

CT story: http://www.cfyj.org/documents/cfyjss_ct.pdf

DE story: http://www.cfyj.org/documents/cfyjss_de.pdf

No Turning Back: http://www.cclp.org/documents/BBY/ntb_fullreport.pdf



5. Resources

What can the campaign provide? For a CFYJ Resource List, visit: http://www.cfyj.org/documents/resourcelistupdate.doc

Who else has resources, advice and support? Check out these Campaign & Organizing resource links:

Beyond the Choir: http://beyondthechoir.org/

Center for Third World Organizing: http://www.ctwo.org/

The Highlander Center: http://www.highlandercenter.org/

National Organizer's Alliance: http://noacentral.org/page.php?id=1

National Organizing Institute: http://neworganizing.com/

Midwest Academy: http://www.midwestacademy.com/

Movement Strategy Center: http://movementstrategy.org/

Project South: http://www.projectsouth.org/

Rant Collective: http://www.rantcollective.net/

Ruckus Society: http://www.ruckus.org/

School of Unity and Liberation (SOUL): http://www.schoolofunityandliberation.org/

Smartmeme: http://smartmeme.org/

Social Justice Leadership: http://www.sojustlead.org/

Training for Change: http://www.trainingforchange.org/

Wellstone Action: http://www.wellstone.org/

Western States Center: http://www.westernstatescenter.org/our-work


New Campaign Resources will be posted here periodically. For our archive of resources, please click here.